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Self Drive Holidays in Africa

Self drive tours have become very popular in most African countries like Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia among others. Self drive and car rental companies are mushrooming in most African destinations, and due to the fact that roads in most African countries are poor especially up country and towards national parks, 4×4 vehicles are recommended and these include land Rovers (Defender 110 or Discovery), Toyota Land cruiser (Hard Top, Prado 3.0, Prado TX / TZ / VX / GX), Toyota Rav 4, Toyota Hilux, Nissan safari and Nissan Patrol among others.


Self drive tours in Africa

Taking a Self Drive safari in Uganda (East Africa)

Uganda is one of Africa’s perfect destination for self drive tours due to availability of a lot to enjoy and explore. Uganda’s attractions range from wild animals to birds, friendly and welcoming people, unique cultures, beautiful scenery, mountains like Mt. Rwenzori and Mt. Elgon, lakes and rivers among others.

A Self drive Uganda tour requires a 4×4 vehicle due to the poor nature of roads in the country especially up country. The roads a rough and some parts are impassable in rainy season especially roads connecting different national parks such as Bwindi impenetrable forest. Some area like in south western Uganda re very steep / hilly with winding roads and deep valleys, therefore require strong vehicle.
You can hire a 4×4 Rav4, or Toyota Land cruiser, Nissan Patrol, Land Rover or Mitsubishi for your self drive tour in Uganda or Rwanda. These are one of the strong 4WD vehicles recommended for any safari in Uganda and neighboring countries like Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya.

Uganda’s most popular tourist destination that you must not miss while driving your own adventure include Kidepo valley national park, located in north eastern Uganda near southern Sudan boarder. This is one of Uganda’s smallest parks but has a lot to offer that you can not find in any other park in Uganda, for instance, Cheetahs and Ostriches.

We also have Murchison Falls national park, Uganda’s largest park, divided by the mighty Nile on its way to Egypt. The park derives its name from the Magnificent Murchison Falls that attracts thousands of visitors into Uganda. Game drives are very popular here in search for animals such as giraffes, antelopes, buffalo, elephants, lion, leopards, etc. Also enjoy fantastic boat cruise to the boom of the falls, expect to see huge Nile crocodiles, Hippos, elephants and buffaloes seen basking along the shores. Bird life is prolific with our 350 species.

Kibale National park is located in western Uganda, 6-7 hours drive from Kampala, famous for chimpanzee tracking and habituation experience. Other primates here include colobus monkeys, Red tailed monkeys, galagoes, Grey checked mangabeys, and olive baboons among others, not forgetting over 350 bird species. You can also take a community walk or nature walk to Bigodi swamps while on your self drive adventure in Uganda.

In the same locality, we have Semilik National park famous for game drives, chimps tracking and nature walk to the hot springs. Also you can visit Batwa people in the area. Here we also have Rwenzori mountains, seen when connecting from Fort portal town to Queen Elizabeth National Park. This is also famous for wildlife viewing and boat cruise along the Kazinga channel that connects Lake Edward and George. Expect to see hundreds of Hippos, crocodiles, and over 600 bird species. The Ishasha sector is famous for tree climbing lions.

Another must visit national park is Bwindi Impenetrable forest, a home for almost half of the world’s last remaining population of the critically endangered mountain gorillas in Africa. Gorilla tracking is the most popular activity in this park. Other activities include Batwa experience, birding excursions, and forest walks among others. There are about 14 habituated gorilla groups in Bwindi.

Another park for gorilla tracking is called Mgahinga National park with only 1 gorilla group called Nyakagezi. However, Nyakagezi some times crosses the boarder into Rwanda and DR Congo. While in Mgahinga, you can also do golden monkey tracking, Gahinga Mountain hiking and Batwa trail among others.

Mountain Gorillas – Amazing creatures

The mountain gorilla census report of 2011 revealed that there are only 880 mountain gorillas left in the wild in the whole world. Half of this population is found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda, and the remaining population is found in the Virunga chain of volcanic mountains found in East and Central Africa shared by Uganda (Mgahinga National Park), Rwanda (Volcanoes National Park) and Democratic Republic of Congo (Virunga National Park). Mountain gorillas attract many tourists from different parts of the world. Some tourists choose to book self drive tours to see the gorillas, while others book private trips or group tours through credible tour and travel agents.

In Rwanda, there are currently 10 gorilla groups habituated for tourists to visit them and each gorilla trekking permit costs US dollars 750 for foreign non residents. For details about gorilla safaris in Rwanda and Uganda, visit

Among other parks suitable for self drive tours in Uganda include Lake Mburo and Mt. elgon National park. While on your self drive Uganda tour, you should not miss white water rafting and / or Bungee jumping in Jinja on River Nile.

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