Top 6 Essentials for your trekking Tour in Africa

Among the tourist activities, trekking or hiking is exceptionally common and there are unique trekking tours organized for professional and also for beginners that is the reason why even gorilla trekking in East Africa there is easy, medium and hard treks. The area chosen for the trek, tour guide, the group size, things carried on a trek and numerous different factors are essential when we set out on a trek.

When we take a gander at the question of what to carry, the problem lies in balancing between light weight (since you are going to physically convey everything) and including every important thing. Along these lines, for all those who love to trek in hard and tough landscapes, here are few hints on what to carry while preparing for your hiking trip. The list below is for a short trek of one day only. For longer trips, there is a flat out need of increasing several things.

1. Clothing
Trekking trips are done in forest trails, mountain trails or some other terrain. Consequently, if the trek is in dry season and in forests or mountain areas like Bwinidi Impenetrable or Mgahinga Gorilla Park, clothing made of cotton is agreeable. In the event that the trek is in wet season or when you’re hoping to hike on a snow capped mountain like Mountain Rwenzori, thick woolen clothing would be better. In both cases, it is ideal to have spare clothing in case of rainfall and a raincoat is also strongly recommended.

2. Water and Food
Water is the most important thing, particularly on hiking trips, dehydration is the main reason why hikers get depleted. So carrying water is an unquestionable requirement and it is ideal to keep the consumption less. Also, the perfect thing would be everyone carrying an individual water bottle.

While beginning for a trek, having a very heavy breakfast is firmly recommended so that a light lunch is enough. Carrying high energy chocolate bars is better in case if the trek takes more time for any unexpected reason, like in for gorilla trekking there is cases when mountain gorillas move long distance when looking for food and shelter thus making gorilla trekking process longer.

3. First-aid kit

First aid kit

Since you going to trekking in think jungle or hiking in mountain, you never know what can happen, so a small first aid kit is necessary for simple injuries and illnesses. cotton gauze, Scissors, anti-septic cream, cold creams, Sun blocks, sun glasses and tissues must be included into the kit.

4. Compass and Cell Phone
Thanks to the cell phone technology, anybody on the planet earth can be followed easily using GPS. Consequently it is constantly best to carry cell phones (totally charged) while going for a trek. A compass is as yet a valuable gadget even in the times of GPS since compass does not depend on electricity.

5. Insect repellent
This is one thing which is constantly overlooked. In dense jungles and close water bodies, insects like mosquitoes and tsetse flies are the main cause of concern. Insects bits can be a disturbance and sometimes even deadly. Carrying a decent repellent will give a lot of relief from such challenges.

6. Torch lights
In spite of the fact that we are discussing a single day trek of 3 to 8 hour duration, it is a good idea that you carry a torch light (with extra batteries) and a head light. Always the weather is unpredictable in think jungles and mountainous areas, so in case it gets dark and visibility reduces, these gadgets cab help.

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