Things to Remember on Rwanda Gorilla Tour in Africa

Gorillas are the major tourist attraction in Rwanda and one of the most done activities among many tourist who make it to Rwanda and Rwanda is regarded the perfect destination for mountain gorilla tracking in Africa. Rwanda houses almost a half of the world’s population over 380 individuals live in the country. Rwanda gorilla tours take place only in Volcanoes national park (Parc Nationale Des Volcanoes) which is located in the north-western part of the country, a drive which takes about 90 to 120 minutes from Kigali International Airport or Kigali city Rwanda’s capital and its largest city.


Bush Breakfast facing the Virunga Mountains


Many people leave their homes and come to Rwanda to spend at least one to two days in the wild to have a close encounter with these giant apes in their natural habitat. Mountain gorillas are more like human beings and are a prone to diseases such as cold and many others. You are kindly reminded not to go for a gorilla trek if you have any sickness that is infectious. This may be transmitted to the gorillas which may affect their health hence resulting into their decrease in number. Just in case you develop a cough or flue before your trek, it’s advised to talk to the ranger guide at the park headquarters as this may be good not only on gorillas but also on you as your money for the gorilla permit may be re-paid back to you. Failure to do so, you may lose the money and the chance to see the gorillas. Several Illnesses may hinder your gorilla trekking and these may include flu, diarrhea, cough as well as cold. So you are advised to treat yourself before embarking on your gorilla trekking safari to Rwanda and also in Uganda where gorilla tracking is done too.

The fact that climbing deep into the bambou forest is quiet strenuous, you are advised to be physically fit, there you can make it through. Porters are available for hire from US$10.

Why you should hire a porter while on a gorilla tour in Rwanda;

A porter is so important when you get stuck in the forest. The fact that you climb up and down on slippery ground especially in rainy seasons, a port will help to pull or push you whenever you get stuck during the trek.

Also since the trek is strenuous, you may not make it with your small bag that contains your drinking water and packed lunch. In this case, a porter can assist carry your handbag. Some tourists have big cameras, a porter can carefully and safely carry it to and from the gorillas.

Hiring a porter for your gorilla tour in Rwanda and Uganda is a direct way to create employment opportunities to gorilla neighbors (The Local Community). Therefore, the local public will understand the importance of mountain gorillas to them, thus reducing the risks of poaching. In other words, this is one way to sensitize the public about about the importance of gorilla tourism to their community.

Tips on what to carry on a Rwanda gorilla tour;

  • Long pants
  • Long sleeved browse for laddies
  • Warm cloths because the area is so cold
  • Rainy jackets because it is expected to rain any time
  • Hiking boots/shoes, can be water proof
  • Insect repellent
  • A hat
  • Garden Glove
  • Sun Glasses


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