Steps to Hire a self drive car online in Uganda

This is a vital question and most visitors keep asking this same question as they think of hiring a car for self drive from any car rental agency for their self drive tour in Uganda. The best way to contact a car rental agency in Uganda is through email because most car rental agencies in the country has company websites where they market their car offers and price there you can find their contacts, location and still there is an inquire form you can fill and ask them anything you want they always reply in less than 3hours. However, among the many car rental companies in the country, there some few which I can recommend because of their good services and custom care – companies like 4×4 Uganda Ltd, Self Drive Uganda, Rental Cars Uganda Ltd are the leading Ugandan car rental companies you can trust.

These companies offer a variety of good vehicles in good conditions ready for self drive hire at affordable prices. These agencies has been in the field of renting cars for more than 10 years meaning they have enough experience in the field.

Some of the cars Available

In the event that one needs to connect with any of the companies mentioned above, it’s very simple, you just go online and type in the name of the company for example Rental Cars Uganda Ltd then visit their website and lastly you will look through the cars they have on the site and the price then after choosing the car you want, you click on contact us and then you will have to fill that form and then submit. The agent will receive your inquiry and u will receive their feedback in less than 3 hours.

Another alternative although is not much advisable is to call them by phone. On the website there is office phone numbers which you can call on during working hours and even person contacts and even whatsapp numbers to make everything easy for the clients but still after call them they will ask you to send them an email because they want a written fact that you booked with them the car.

Simple form to fill to book a car online

In the communication you will have with them they will ask you the type of car you want, your budget, why you want a vehicle, the number of people you with on the trip and where you will be travelling to so that they can advise you on the perfect vehicle to use according to the destinations you want to travel to and the number of people you travelling with.

After everything is sorted when you agreed on a certain vehicle, they will ask you to make a commitment fee which is 20% of the total amount of the money and you will be given a receipt, you will pay the rest of the money in cash at the airport on your arrival and you will find a company representative already waiting for you at the airport to brief you and you inspect the car before you sign the contract papers and then handles the car keys to you.

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