Jeffrey’s Bay, Wild Coast beautiful beaches and diving

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The truth is that it was quite an impression, but the boat was very fast and quite enjoyed. After we were sailing about 20 minutes until Dalf spotted a shark fin. He had a good view. It was a hammerhead shark. It is so called because it has a very wide jaw that seems to be a hammer. This was very tiny, but impressed. Then threw the anchor and began to take on water the “chum”, like when I went to see white sharks. It is a mixture of fish and blood. At a few minutes and several shark fins swimming around the boat saw … it was like a movie, gave quite an impression. And the best thing we had to throw us there in the middle. To that sharks are approaching and all the while off the boat so that they can see throw a kind of metal box that is full of fish. She is tied to a buoy and sink about 10 meters. As we had longer a stand out and the boat moved a lot I was quite dizzy. These sharks scary, but I wanted to jump into the water sooner.

Dalf gave me a few pointers on how to behave once inside. He said the most important thing is to sit still and not turning away from the sharks swim. Nor can move his hands quickly to hold back or move underwater. Sharks detect vibrations and can be thought to be a fish. So we hit the water and we were about ten feet deep, at the same height as the cabinet, pretty quiet. It was awesome. There were about seven or eight sharks. They were black tip sharks and measured between 2 meters and a half and three. They were everywhere. There was very poor visibility so only saw up to 4 or 5 feet away. We were in the middle of the ocean surrounded by beasts. But the truth is scarier before diving once inside. They went to his roll and passed us. But sometimes you did not realize and had one underfoot or you another appeared behind. It was a very exciting experience. Even with good visibility must be much nicer. Then we sailed a bit more to the coral reef and made a second dive.

This time the normal sag without sharks. The visibility was terrible, did not see things until I had before the careto. A couple of times I went ahead a shark and did not see it until it was in front of the nose. It was a shame why were many corals and tropical fish. The place was nice but could not enjoy it much. We passed a cave where there quietecitos six sleeping sharks had. We also saw a giant turtle, I think that is the biggest I’ve ever seen. But we were little while because it was very cold and the visibility not worth lengthen more.

After the experience with sharks spent a day in the city of Durban. That was my last stop before heading to Johannesburg. It is the country’s third largest city, has a major port and the largest concentration of Indian population in the world (apart from India, of course). Years ago many Indians came in search of work and mostly live in Durban. The hostel, the Happy Hippo, was in a huge old building, renovated, and was very chulo.Estuve strolling downtown and visiting the Victoria Street Market.

This market was more Asian than African style. They sold many species. Store what surprised me most was selling bags and … a rather rare species mix. Let’s see, in these markets is very common that every store sells a lot of different things. But is that this bag had everything on the walls and tables amid a species. I was funny. It’s like going to a shoe store and also sell you fruit … not entirely logical. Overall not ended liking the atmosphere of the city. It was as modern but very left. There were quite a stray and I think I was asked more times money in a single day in Durban throughout the trip. What I like is the boardwalk. It is quite wide and nice and you can see lots of people surfing on the beach and children playing in the various public pools that are along for the ride. It is also quite spectacular football stadium, the Moses Mabhida Stadium. It was built for the World Championships in 2010 and is very modern. There is a sort of giant arch over the stadium. You can climb up a funicular and there is a platform from where you can see the whole city. But that day I could not go because it was windy and it was closed.

South Africa Tour – Jeffrey’s Bay, Wild Coast beautiful beaches and diving

South Africa: Ride through Jeffrey’s Bay, Wild Coast beautiful beaches and diving with sharks at Aliwal Shoal

After returning the car to Cape Town and say goodbye to Judith, started my route to Johannesburg. I had two weeks to get there, where I had to catch the plane back home on December 14th. Cape Town to Johannesburg there are over 2000 km if you go along the coast, so I had many hours of road. In South Africa there is a company, Baz Bus, which has devised a transportation system for backpackers and independent travelers who are pretty good. Their buses link Cape Town to Johannesburg, via Port Elizabeth and Durban, and stopping at the most interesting points of the coast. What makes it different from other buses is that Baz Bus has agreements with most backpacker hostels are on the road and the bus picks you up and drops you off at any of them. In addition, you pay a “pass” for several days, during which time you can stop as many times as you like on the route.


Is the concept known as “Hop-on Hop-off bus”. The truth is coming out a little more expensive than local buses travel more. But if you consider that leave you at the door, so you save on taxis in the end the price difference is small. As was pretty fair and was quite tired of moving public transport time, I decided to buy the Baz Bus pass for two weeks. The bus is actually a pretty uncomfortable minibus, with narrow and not reclining seats. Also, why is pretty slow going and constantly stopping to let people pick. But also, if you go with patience, something that has been indispensable for the whole trip, still quite practical. Several parts of the route there are few people on the bus and then you can average apalancarte. It also has its charms why you’re finding the same people several times as everyone makes stops similar.

The South African coast has many interesting places to stop, beautiful beaches and plenty to do. But did not have much time and did not want to be changing site every day so I decided to make about three stops along the way and take it easy, but I know I have been many places to see. My first destination was Jeffrey’s Bay, a small coastal town, near Port Elizabeth. Why is famously one of the main sites in South Africa for surfing, and every year several international competitions. But I do not surf. The main reason I stopped there is because I had a friend who had met a few months earlier, at Victoria Falls. It is called Athena, is half American half Greek, and has been traveling the world for over six years. No overlooked because her hair is full of very long blonde dreadlocks. It was a month working in a hostel in Jeffrey’s Bay, the Hardrock Backpackers.

So I settled there. The first day she worked and rested and I spent many hours carrying bus the day before. The next day Athena had the day off and I was teaching the people. We were walking along the beach which is curiously full of giant jellyfish. Athena is the queen getting free stuff and discounts. That day two German young girls had booked a horseback riding along the beach. Athena did a few tricks and got us a place on the tour without paying anything. Perfect. So we went to a horse a few kilometers from Jeffrey’s Bay. We would do a tour of two hours. The first part of the ride was for several paths between fields. The scenery was beautiful and there was nobody. At some point we cross the sand dunes to the beach. All the way back we did walking on the water side. We did not find anyone in the whole time. It was lovely to be with the horses in the arena. A great experience. The next two days were spent very relaxing, sunbathing on the beach and watching the people who surfed.


My next stop was in the part of coast known as Wild Coast. For logistical issues the bus had to spend a night in Port Elizabeth, in the Lungile Backpackers. Although not quite see anything of the city because I arrived at eleven at night and left at seven o’clock the next day. I settled in Cintsa, a small town in the western part of Wild Coast. This part of South Africa, as the name suggests, is pretty wild. There are few buildings, there are mountains, green fields and long unspoiled beaches. In Cintsa there is only a backpackers hostel, the Buccaneers Backpackers. Actually, it’s like a lodge in the mountainside with several houses, pool and a camping area. It has stunning views of the beach. You have to walk about 15 minutes to get to the water. The site is spectacular and there like a sea inlet that forms a lagoon, just before the beach. I settled on camping in the woods, very nice. I spent four days very quiet. Although I had pretty bad luck with the weather was sunny and only one day.

Before arriving in Durban wanted to make a stop in a small town known as Umkomaas. The interesting thing about this site is not the people but the coral reef that is in the sea, known as Aliwal Shoal. Moreover, it is a very busy by different species of sharks area and is one of the main attractions for divers. I did not want to leave South Africa without seeing these amazing animals up close, so there was already booked days ago a part of my budget for this activity. I stayed in the center of diving, Aliwal Dive Centre. That day was the only one diving so few would go on the boat. Iba Dalf, that would be my guide, a young boy who wanted to come to see the sharks from the boat and another man wearing the boat. It is a fairly large and very fast zodiac. The have in the dive center and you have to take in tow to the beach. Login with zodiac is not logistically easy. The sea is quite moved and during the first few meters, where the waves bite is compulsory to wear a lifejacket because it is quite dangerous. What next?? Click to read more