Top Vacation Spots in Rwanda

Vacation is always about excitement enjoyment, discoveries and masking off all the stress away. There are very many places in the world where you can take up a vacation but Rwanda is one of a kind vacation spot. Rwanda is an African country located in the east of the continent. It is a very small landlocked country but with high concentration of natural attractions and this is one of the main reason as to why Rwanda has become a very popular tourist destination in the world. Rwanda is known as the land of a thousand hills due to its possession of rolling ranges enchanted with beautiful vegetation cover across all its parts.

Biking Safaris in Rwanda

What welcomes a visitor in Rwanda is its unique mountainous topography and cool climate and this will bring an excitement to him/her even before he/she encounters other attractions that include unique cultures, historical sites, architectural marvels, wildlife, Lakes and the beaches among the special ones.

If a visitor would love to enjoy a safari in Rwanda and fully explore the country’s attractions, he/she should have to get a well tailor made planned trip with assistance from the many travel Agencies and tour operators in the destination.

Here we, bring you some of the great vacation spots for your safari in Rwanda;

Silverback Gorilla in Rwanda

The number spot for Rwanda vacation is volcanoes national park in the Virunga region which is the home to the mountain gorillas, the most sought after animals in the world. What makes mountain gorillas in Rwanda so special is that, there are the few mountain gorillas left in the world the others are found in Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Volcanoes National Park Rwanda has the third of the world’s population of mountain gorillas which is 320 out of 880. These mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park are a beauty to watch as these have very special social characters they display in their natural environment that can make one wonder if they aren’t real human beings.

The experience of the mountain gorillas has left very many visitors an everlasting smile on their cheeks. While still at the volcanoes national park there is also the Diana Fossey tomb and research centre as the visitors encounter these places get to know about the woman who is behind the conservation of these great animals and the stories and researches are very interesting and emotional. Also at the basement of the volcanoes national park, there are golden monkeys/ very interesting and beautiful species of monkey to watch in their natural environment.

Apart from mountain gorilla tracking, the Virunga region of Rwanda has the Iby’iwacu cultural village which is a spectacular marvel to encounter. This village is an amalgamation of all the cultural tribes of Rwanda as they portray the universal traditional cultural of Rwanda as a whole. Here the visitors intermingle with the local people as they watch traditional performance and also get involved in the social works of the traditional people of Rwanda. While at Volcanoes National Park Rwanda, the visitor cannot fail to hit at Lake Kivu for relaxation around the beaches, visit local communities and orphanages around Gisenyi such as Imbabazi Orphanage and Local Fishing Village. Further more, while in Gisenyi, take a boat ride to the Hot springs and coffee Island, experience what we call “from crop to cup” process of making coffee.

Lake Kivu – Rwanda

Another vacation spot in Rwanda is Nyungwe forest national park the home of 13 different species of primates and also the largest montane forest in the Eastafrican region. At Nyungwe national park the visitors engages in activities like chimpanzee tracking which another experience that comes close to gorilla trekking in Rwanda.

Chimpanzees are also the closest cousins of man so they also exhibit special antics in the jungle which can make a visitor go bonkers. Nyungwe Forest National Park has different monkey species like the vervet monkeys, black and white colobus, Angolan colobus, grey cheeked mangabey, olive baboon and the red tailed monkeys among the special ones. There is also a great experience at Nyungwe; the canopy walk, one of its kind in East Africa as here the visitor takes a walk above the montane forest having magnificent aerial view of Nyungwe national park.

Nyungwe National Park

On a safari in Rwanda, the visitor can also go to Akagera national park located in the south eastern part of the country. This park has the 80 different kinds of mammals and this is the park where the visitor enjoys the most common game in the wild. It has the elephants, buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, hippos, antelopes, elands and the lions were recently introduced and they are planning to bring the rhinos to make it a big five park. The visitors normally embark on a game drive to see some of these animals and it is always fun to drive around as they see these animals marauding in the park looking for survival. In this park, there is Lake Ihema where one can enjoy a boat ride and feel the sea bliss as he/she watches the different aquatic lives.

Giraffes in Akagera National Park Rwanda

We cannot fail to talk about the city of Kigali as a vacation spot on a safari in Rwanda. Kigali city is a very interesting city full of life and fun. It has wonderful historical, cultural and religion sites like the genocide museums, parliament, presidential palace, first house, the market place, the powerful Nyamata church to mention but a few. These take a visitor through Rwanda’s past political, cultural and economical history.

All in all Rwanda has wonderful great vacation spots that are explorative, educative and exciting. There are all up for grabs for visitors willing to embark on a safari to Rwanda – Africa.

Safety Tips When Traveling for Outback Safaris

Going out for an outdoor tour often has several aspects to it where most people prefer planning beforehand. The planning includes hotel accommodations, passes to local attractions, booking for local transportation and many others. Apart from that, it involves carrying along necessary requirements such as clothing, medication, guide maps and several other things that may come to use while outdoors. Outback tours are one such outdoor tour that most of us dream of. You not only get to relish delicacies but also get glimpses of the flora and fauna along with the scenic beauty.
If you are being a part of the tours for the first time, it is essential for you to follow a few rules that would help you to have the best experience and thus making you look at things differently.

Loosen up your schedule

While you move out for such tours, keep your schedule flexible where you may get stranded due to heavy rains or long distance travels from one place to the other. This actually allows you to not panic and thus enjoying all that you come across to give you pleasurable surprises with every step that you take.

Own helpful maps of the places you intend to visit

If it is a land that you have never visited before, the only saviour to help you through would be these route maps. They not only help you with the routes to your destination but often have other details such as the local attractions and how you can get the most out of them. Several tour operators allow you to have a planned itinerary and thus helping you to make the most out of the outback tours.

Avoid travelling at night

If you have a schedule fixed for the next destination in your outback tour, avoid night travels. The local people would also suggest you the same. Animals like kangaroos and others are often on the prowl at night and often come out on the road. It would be a distraction to both with at times may lead to a damage to the car and also be fatal for the animal. You could consider an early morning travel which would allow you to have glimpses of the scenic beauty along with reaching the next destination with ease.

Take help from a guide

If you have planned your outback tour through a tour operator, you wouldn’t have to search for a tour guide. They would come along as a part of your itinerary. If you plan to travel individually, it is always safe to hire a tour guide who would not only help you accomplish the motto behind your tour and also help you find the choicest places to visit and also the best food that you could relish on. The guides ensure that you are safe and get the most of what you see around you.

The Right Way to Spend Your Holidays in Africa

Every human in the world needs a break away from his area of work so that she/he relishes his mind and soul. Work without a rest makes one go insane and also loses love for everything . The only way that make one to regenerate is by taking a holiday and do some leisure activities that can refresh his mind. Depending to where you are, there are various places to go on holiday like in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America and Africa. This time, we are looking at how you can spend your summer holiday in Africa.

Green Africa - True African Wilderness - Murchison Falls N.P Uganda

Green Africa – True African Wilderness – Murchison Falls N.P Uganda

There are various ways of spending holidays; one may opt to take a trip to the countryside with his family and the other may take a tour at an exquisite resort or beach with his/her lover. The latter are the most common ways of spending holidays. There are other options of spending holidays but they are unfamiliar to some people.

Recently, traveling to Africa has become one of the most popular ways of spending holidays to most people in the world, and many African countries receive thousands of tourists every year. A holiday in Africa has never disappointed anyone who has encountered it and in fact it is the best way of spending holidays. This is because Africa has got lots of attractions one has never seen before, attractions which are still fresh and new to the entire world.

Beautiful Sandy Beaches and Blue waters - Zanzibar

Beautiful Sandy Beaches and Blue waters – Zanzibar

Africa is naturally gifted with flora and fauna due to the fact that it is bisected by the equator which makes it have only sun and rain throughout the year as its climate and also the green vegetation cover of tropical forests and savannah grasslands that are the best homes for the wildlife. Nature lovers have made Africa a place to be on their vacations.

For the case of wildlife, we shall look at the eastern part of Africa where Uganda and Rwanda are found. These two countries are small countries and landlocked in other words they are countries without a coastline. In spite of being small countries they are naturally endowed with wildlife and have rich cultures of people.

These two countries are one of the three countries that have mountain gorilla and the other is The Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa. Mountain gorillas are one of the most visited animals in the world due to the fact that these animals have unique characters and relatively smart in such way that they are more or less the same as humans in the way they behave socially. The only way to meet these animals is taking a gorilla safari in Rwanda and / or Uganda. There are affordable packages placed for every category of visitors be it luxurious, mid-range or budget all can have a gorilla safari experience.

There also other wildlife found in these countries like African elephants, lions, giraffes, buffaloes, leopard, bush babies, zebras, rhinos. Hippos, waterbucks and primates like monkeys, baboons, bushbucks and chimpanzees among others. Those exotic animals are encountered in Murchison Falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Kidepo national park and these are found in Uganda and in Rwanda, there is Akagera national park and Nyungwe forest national park. The mentioned ones are the most notable national parks but there other national parks and game reserves in Uganda and Rwanda.

Wildlife safaris in Uganda and Rwanda make one have an educative and adventurous lifetime experience in Africa as one discovers new animals and nature at large he/she has never seen before.

Still in Eastern Africa, Kenya and Tanzania are also endowed with much wildlife that will leave you amazed with life time experience. The 2 countries have one of the world’s wonders; the wildebeest migration that takes place annually where animals cross between Serengeti national park in Tanzania and Masaimara national park in Kenya. This attracts many tourists in the whole world. There are so many other national parks in the 2 destinations where you can spot the African Big 5 animals (Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Buffalo and Elephant) and primates like Chimpanzees.

The Great Wildebeests Migration in Kenya and Tanzania

The Great Wildebeests Migration in Kenya and Tanzania

Further more, the 2 destinations not only have huge wildlife, but also have beautiful sandy beaches because they have access to the coast line of Indian Ocean. As if that is not enough, there are beautiful islands such as Zanzibar, Mafia, etc that are perfect honey moon holidays and family vacations.

Endangered Mountain Gorillas - Bwindi National Park Uganda

Endangered Mountain Gorillas – Bwindi National Park Uganda

From the above, one can design a perfect safari within Eastern Africa, combining wildlife viewing, gorilla tracking, chimps and other primates tours, white water rafting and cultural tours among others. For instance, one can spend 2 weeks in Kenya and Tanzania for huge wildlife viewing and beach holidays, 3 days / 2 nights in Rwanda for gorilla tracking and a week in Uganda for gorillas and wildlife viewing. However, if you have limited time or budget, you can just add a 3 day gorilla trekking tour in Uganda and Rwanda to complete your African safari because, most travelers believe that, an African safari is incomplete without gorilla tracking. In other words, gorilla tracking is a must do when you visit Africa.

Adventurous travelers enjoy tracking the gorillas more than once in Uganda or Rwanda, for instance, there is a 5 day mountain gorilla tour package with 3 gorilla treks in Volcanoes National Park. You can contact us for tailor made itinerary that best suits your holiday interests, time and budget, for instance, if you want to combine Uganda and Rwanda gorilla trekking experience, we are readily available for you.

In Southern Africa, there is also huge wildlife you should never miss out when you visit Africa. And among the top destinations in South Africa include Kruger National park, Table Mountain, Robben Island, Cape peninsula, Cradle of Humanking, Cango Caves
Tsitsikamma National Park and Apartheid Museum among others. In Botswana we have Chobe National Park, Mokolodi National Reserve, Tsodilo, Tswapong Hills, Botswana National Museum, Sedudu and many others.

View of Victoria falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe

View of Victoria falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe

Other destinations Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia among others. Never miss out Kruger National park in South Africa and Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Africa Tour – Honeymoons in Uganda and Rwanda

Choosing the perfect honeymoon destination can be difficult and time consuming, which is why it is important to speak to someone who has experience in planning honeymoons in Uganda and Rwanda. Our expert team at Africa Adventure Safaris can help you plan the perfect trip, we have years of experience and are used to creating dream holidays individually tailored to your exact requirements; we can offer you a vast array of options from tree top luxury hideaways to waterhole retreats.
The most popular combination is a safari twinned with a relaxing beach holiday. You can get a direct charter between national parks and beach locations. Rwanda and Uganda are great options offering magnificent and varied sightseeing. Many of the hotels and game lodges have honeymoon special offers and extra special touches to make your stay even more magical. You can then take some total relaxation and visit the beach resorts of Ssese islands Uganda or Lake Kivu so why not call our expert team here today and talk through the many options we have available for you.
If you are looking for an alternative wedding gift list and would like your wedding guests to contribute to your honeymoon, we can create a honeymoon gift list especially for you. Your friends and family can ring us up and contribute money or buy excursions and upgrades to enhance your trip full details available from our team here at Africa adventure safaris and we can arrange for gift cards also to be sent directly to your guests.

Family Safaris

There are number of safari lodges and beach hotels in Uganda that specifically cater for family safaris, offering child friendly activities, special meals and babysitting, ensuring that both the adults and children get the best from the holiday.
Some safari lodges in Uganda will not take children under 12 or have special rules about children on game drives, so it is best to check that the lodge does cater for children. Lodges which do will offer shorter game drives (a normal game drive for adults will last 3 hours) and keep small children away from predator sightings, focusing on smaller mammals instead. At the beach there are a number of family friendly hotels which offer Kid’s Clubs and supervised activities, as well as pool tables and the essential internet connectivity!
Our experts would be happy to discuss in more detail, the options available for a family friendly safari holidays, to ensure the most appropriate property and destination for your special family safari holiday or beach holiday.

Private Safari Tours in Uganda and Rwanda

Private Safari Tours are perfect if you are someone that enjoys the luxury of your own guide, travelling at your own pace and choosing specific hotels, lodges or guesthouses on your route, we have a wide variety of options to choose from and some luxury treetop camps that are the ultimate safari hideout.
Private touring offers you the same flexibility as if you were doing a self drive tour but with the expert knowledge of a highly qualified guide. A guide may also be specifically chosen based on your interests, be it a golf holiday in Uganda, bird spotting and gorilla tracking in Uganda or Rwanda and finally the fascinating landscapes of the Virunga region including the volcanic mountains of Gahinga, Sabinyo and Muhabura our expert team will take you through all the available options and help you create a truly memorable experiences and the holiday of a lifetime. Mountain gorilla trekking is the highlight of any safari in Uganda and Rwanda (Africa), at least add a 1 day gorilla tour in Rwanda to make your African Safari complete. In other words, an African safari is incomplete with visiting gorillas in Rwanda Volcanoes or Uganda Bwindi national park.
Private touring can be combined with many other aspects of travel in Rwanda/Uganda, such as luxury self-drive to Beach holidays in Lake Kivu. Alternatively you may wish to go on a beach in Ssese islands, it’s a private tour so it’s your call and our experts are on hand to tailor make the ultimate private safari tour for you, we have years of experience of making unique experiences and holiday dreams come true. Private touring can be arranged in Uganda and Rwanda as well as a number of twin centre tours so you can experience the delights of many countries on the same holiday.