Costly car Hire mistakes to Avoid in Uganda

It’s a fact that people do a lot of travel plans for summer or even when it is winter or spring time. Plans that involve traveling and seeing the world of which it proves to be difficult to travel with their own motor vehicle or travel van are scrutinized. This ends up leaving you with no other option apart from going for car renting in Uganda. Therefore, this exposes you to make mistakes that can even cost you a lot when you are renting a car.

As tourists, holiday makers as well businessmen that plan to hit the road for summer times, majority of them will pot to drive rental cars in other parts of the country or the world depending on the conditions. However much of these rental cars seen to be convenient, they have associated costs that are at times found challenging and disturbing due to some mistakes that are made unknowingly or knowingly. These car rental mistakes include the following and how they can be avoided.

Direct renting from Entebbe airport

Renting a car from the airport often means that you are ready to face airport charges and have even less proven accountability. For you to avoid these fees and unplanned costs, I really suggest that you hire car in Kampala away from Entebbe airport. Most of the off-airport rental car service companies provide complete transportation services that are more convenient than booking at airport.

Buying unnecessary extra insurance

Some auto insurance policies cover collision damage and personal liability for temporary use of a rental car and if you use a credit card to book and pay for the rental car, it may provide secondary collision coverage and these credit cards will not consider all other aspects it does not cover. Therefore, make sure you check on the complete coverage before you rent and this will help know the complete coverage.

Avoid not shopping around

Actually, rates may vary depending on the company or the amount of lead time, so it pays to shop around instead of taking a “one-and-done” approach. Some rental car service websites allow you to make comparison between rental companies and look for coupons.
Once you plan to travel long distances, am pretty sure you will access many car rental companies online that actually provide you with the coverage of such benefit where by you and your family will as much distance as you want without any problem. But some may charge an extra fee for an extra distance covered. So when you are renting, make sure that your desired distance is fully covered.

Rushing when inspecting

Before you take your rental car, It is a requirement that you make thorough inspection before you even drive away. You may be charged for damages you didn’t cause. Most of the rental cars in Uganda are maintained in proper conditions but sometimes some minor damages like scratches may not be noticed. Therefore, before you rent a car, make sure that u check it thoroughly to avoid damages you are not responsible for.

Past time return of the rental car

It is a fact the sometimes the planned drive alters with the actual drive to meeting a multiple of expectations and this may eventually lead to late returning of hired car. Most car rental companies in Uganda have extra charges that are sometimes not favorable in-case not expected. It might maybe a 30 minute delay but it might be having a financial consequence to you as well as the rental company. So the charges for late car return may be high. However, if you can communicate to the car hire company and inform them of late return of the car, some times the extra charge can be waived.

How to find car rental discounts in Uganda

With today’s economy there is no compelling reason to spend much money on hiring a car; you need to first know why you need the car so that you choose the right vehicle to save money on your car rental.

If you want a vehicle to drive around the city like for weekend gateways for beach trips, city tours and other city activist you don’t need hire a very huge and strong vehicle, you can hire a simple economical vehicle like Toyota Rav4, Premio, and many other cars in the same range.

If you’re planning a trip to different national parks in the country (wildlife tour) then you will need to hire a strong 4×4 safari vehicle because roads in most national parks in Uganda are in bad conditions they can only be accessible by a strong vehicle. But still you can get it at a cheap price because many car rental companies are offering good discounts on safari vehicle hiring.

Still you can look for discounts available on the market. Since the tourism industry in Uganda is developing rapidly, many tour companies and car rental companies are opening daily and this had lead to high competition in the business. These companies are now offering different discounts and so it’s better to inquire from different companies so that you can compare the prices. You ought to choose the cheapest rates so that your finances can go to other places, for example, accommodation and other tourist activities like; game drive, chimpanzee tracking and other activities. Still you can try and compare of our rates at Rental Cars Uganda Ltd with other car rental companies, you will find that we have the best rates and quality vehicles for hire in the market.

When searching a cheap and affordable car for hire in Uganda, it’s a perfect idea to consider which company to contact that will offers you services are affordable rates, and you have to think of the season you hiring the car for example, if you’re planning to travel during the pick season of the year, you expect to hire a vehicle at a relatively high price and vehicles are always on high demand during these periods. For budget travellers, the best time to travel it’s during the low season where there is less tourists in the country. During these months, you will not experience congestion in the park where you will find like 5 cars in the same route struggling to watch the same animals and even during these months most companies offer great discounts on car rental.

Still when you’re looking to a cheap car for hire in Uganda, consider to at least book in advance because there you will get enough time to bargain on the rates and most rental companies offer special discounts on those booking in advance and online because when you book online you will have to at least send them a commitment fee this can make them sure that your booking is confirmed.

Also the number of people you’re travelling with can contribute on your car rental price, for example; different car rental companies in Uganda offers discount to travelling booking for cars more than one and these travelling for many days like 5 days.