Lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park – Uganda

queen-elizabeth-national-parkEarly this month, I went on a Uganda safari and visit on of the unique wildlife park in the country. During the game drive in this park, I came to observe the following about the Queen Elizabeth National Park in the western part of Uganda. The park is among the famous homes of the major predators in Africa. It is also home to the rare tree climbing lions that live in the Ishasha sector of the Park.

The big population of lions in the park is found in the northern part of the national park in light of the fact that the most of their prey feeds from this park. Lions live in a pride and in Queen Elizabeth National Park, there are several prides that is to say South Kazinga lion pride and territory with 64 males, 6 lionesses, and the number of cubs is yet to be known, the North western Kazinga lion pride and territory which has 3 males, 5 lioness and 3 cubs, said our safari guide who was clarifying the facts about the park, Northeast Kazinga lion pride and territory with 5 lions, 9 lionesses and around 15 cubs. This is the biggest pride in the national park.

While on a wildlife safari to Queen Elizabeth National park the most love and visited national park in the country, you must be extremely observant in light of the fact that the animals keep in their hiding places. You can identify a lions by its ear notches. Lions get notches in the sensitive part of their skin on the ears or you might find some with ear labels darted on them by the researchers, Scars that result from there usual hunting. They develop unique scars on there bodies which might be a spot for identity. Near the muzzle are stubbles which identify it as a cat. For the tree climbing lions, you need to look keenly in the tree branches that you pass by because as it rests, either the tail or the legs jut through the branches.