Take a Uganda Safari Adventure and Experience True Uganda

I had for a long while been itching to have Uganda gorilla safari experience and nature with all of its superbness. Wondered about the beauty that lay within this country, the hidden treasures buried somewhere deep in the heart of the savanna plains, rolling hills and huge rainforests. But, finally my dream came true when I had a great opportunity of traveling to Uganda.

murchison-fallsA nation situated right in the heart of Africa with the all of its glory. For sure I had an amazing and memorable time as I explored all the beauty of this east African country. To be completely forthright; I had always wanted to travel but I never truly thought I could bear the cost of a safari. With all the vehicle costs, accommodation, park entrance charges, tour guide fees among other expenses. However this happened a week ago, out of no where a chance just presented its self. I was astounded to find that a safari is actually affordable. I couldn’t wait to book my safari that I had been thinking for quite a long time. The safari vehicle was very comfortable with an open rooftop and I had a seat by the window, the tour guide was a professional driver, very knowledgeable and so patient with us, the eco lodges were amazing with stunning views and their service; now that a story if another time.

murchison-falls-2The Uganda safari had everything I had ever dreamt of and beyond. We visited Murchison Falls National Park in north western Uganda. You won’t believe all the wildlife we sow, from the big 5 like; Elephants, Buffalos. We also enjoyed an uninterrupted view of the wildlife in this park, thousands of elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, water bucks, antelopes. I took photos of the mighty falls on river Nile the heart of this national park that I had heard in stories about. Also, I managed to capture in one of the photographs the beautiful rainbow colors along the falls, and an unbelievable amount of eye-catching birds along the shores of the Nile.

elephants-murchison-fallsFrom Murchison Falls National Park, we went for gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, where we tracked into the jungle searching for the amazing rare and endangered mountain gorillas. The experience was some how tiresome but memorable and amazing because it took us like 6 hours hiking in the jungle and when we reached where the gorillas are, we were give a full hour to interact, observe and take photos of these amazing primates has they do their daily work. I can hardly wait to see what I can experience in more days with so much to see in different national parks to explore. This safari really refreshed my minds and I returned home when am a new person, try it and then see what happens.

gorilla-bwindi-ugandaWabwire Mike, my tour guide was very perfect, knowledgeable, and experience where by he answered every question which came in my mind and this safari has made me to think of taking another taking also a Rwanda gorilla safari in Volcanoes National Park. Mike was good in communicating in English and this eased my communication with him on the safari and I think I will use this same company and I will also ask for Mike as my guide if they allow them to cross to Rwanda or they have Rwanda guides.

gorilla-trekking-bwindiAfrican Jungle Adventures Ltd is the tour company I will again use when taking the Rwanda gorilla safari the next summery time of 2016 since it was organized out and offered me the best services as their motto says Gorilla Safaris beyond your expectations.