South Africa at a Glance

South Africa at a Glance 2013-14 is the 19th edition of South Africa’s most popular pocket reference. This miniature yearbook doubles as a country profile and a source of general information about South Africa. But it also provides detailed, up-to-date information on Doing Business in South Africa, the economy, history, trade, tourism and labour. It is the ultimate business guide for the business traveller, fitting handily into your pocket or briefcase.

South Africa at a Glance has earned a reputation for credibility, relevance and utility in a very competitive market. Independent, easy to use, full of useful information presented in a well written narrative and more than a hundred graphics, it is the most up-to-date book of its kind in South Africa.

That is why South Africa’s National carrier, SA Airways distributes SA at a Glance in business class on all its international flights and the Department of Trade and Industry uses it around the world in their overseas trade offices and international trade fairs. It is also why it is widely used by embassies, trade offices and corporations resident in South Africa.

SA at a Glance is printed each year immediately after the budget presentation so that our readers get the latest official view on the state of the nation, along with the latest tax tables, economic data and other information critical to making business decisions – or simply understanding what the Rainbow Nation is all about.

There are also Mandarin and French versions of South Africa at a Glance.
PLUS new cover/ or a few covers (last year’s and this year’s)